ESA in Youth Abolished

This seems a petty and damaging change.  Young people have been able to claim contributory Employment and Support Allowance without having to made National Insurance contributions.  This will be abolished under a provision in the Bill.

As contributory ESA is only going to be available for a year now anyway, and will be effectively means tested for many people, it seems almost as if the government is hunting for ways to reach its £18bn welfare cuts target.


2 thoughts on “ESA in Youth Abolished

  1. Surely those who have to leave college because they can no longer afford it will simply sign on for Jobseekers Allowance – because there arent enough jobs to go around for youngsters today, which is more than the maximum £30 per week. So where is the saving?

  2. I think you’re mixing it up with a different cut; Educational Maintenance Allowance. Too many acronyms I’m afraid.

    EMA is being ‘localised’ and local councils will be able to devise their own schemes to target those young people who need help, says the government.

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